i’m such an asshole but i’m also a very kind-hearted person who likes making ppl happy and if i love u i will love u with all my heart and all my soul but then i’m also such an asshole

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You’re not in love with me, not really, you just love the way I always made you feel. Like you were the centre of my world. Because you were. I would have done anything for you. - Abby McDonald, Getting Over Garrett Delaney (via psych-facts)

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It’s not that people can’t love you if you don’t love yourself. It’s that you won’t feel it because it’ll always seem like you don’t deserve it. - But It’s Not a Matter of Deserving (#53: January 11, 2014)

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Really sucks loving someone more than they will ever love you

You could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt. - You’re so last summer (via dullysad)

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